Willing to listen, to hear what you, the client wants. To provide advice on any issues concerning your own risk management that will make a favourable difference when presenting your insurance programme to the Insurer’s for their consideration.



Go to the market with a proposed programme to cover your business interests in the manner you have expressed as what you would like. Come back with premiums, terms and conditions as well as possible alternative options depending on cost, maybe slightly more cover, maybe slightly less.



Presenting and explaining an easy to follow solution for covering your business risks along the lines of what you have expressed as your preferred level of protection. These will be both material and financial exposures.



Most importantly: making sure you get fair treatment on any claims you lodge from your Insurers. This means acceptance or otherwise as per the terms and conditions of your policy coverage, and in the amount you are offered as settlement of your loss, this could be by repair, replacement or indemnity value..