Insurance …..        ‘Priority’   




Life changing events, YES they happen.


In 34 years working for Insurance Companies and Brokers how many times have I seen clients, when something very bad has happened, it could be a serious fire at their business, a tornado, flooding, or a bad accident to a commercial vehicle.


Their business is threatened, their future income is threatened and they may lose a very valuable asset which has been years of blood sweat and some tears in the making.


Then I see the relief in their faces and can hear it in their voices when I calmly tell them, “It’s alright, you’ve got good insurance cover for this”.


And then go on to explain, “I can get your assets paid for / or repaired.  Your income won’t be lost, you have loss of profits insurance for this.


You won’t miss any payments to the bank and you will still be able to pay your employees …. and yourselves!”


It cannot be underestimated the satisfaction in knowing I have put in place the right covers, the correct insurance policies to protect my clients from total annihilation from these ‘accidents’. Sometimes beyond their control, other times not but as long as it is not from a deliberate action, they are still covered.


As mentioned earlier, this comes from 34 years in the Insurance industry, 27 of those broking insurance, to get the experience that allows this to happen.


So I’m really looking forward to getting my new business up and running and hope I can get as many clients as possible to join me for the ride,



It’ll be a good one!